Words, the building blocks of our communication, history, and knowledge, are now food for AI’s ‘thought’. This isn’t just a technical leap. It’s a fundamental shift from the information age to one that aspires to knowledge

(Illustration: Nilanjan Das | AI)

Rohan Murty

ISSUE DATE: Jan 15, 2024 | UPDATED: Jan 5, 2024 17:56 IST

Once again, we stand at the precipice of a technological revolution, this time spearheaded by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like a recurring motif in the grand narrative of technological evolution, AI emerges every couple of decades, brimming with promise, only to fall short of our sky-high expectations. However, today, the story is unfolding differently; the most recent advances in AI are not just a fleeting fascination—they are a transformative force that will reshape our world.


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