No celebration is complete without a cake. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion, a beautiful cake adds vibrancy to the event. In today’s world, we witness extravagant cakes, miniature delights, and even hyper-realistic creations. A recent remarkable example of an enormous cake occurred in America, where a baker named Lara Mason crafted a life-like cake of Taylor Swift for the NFL Super Bowl. The cake depicts the singing sensation adorned in a Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt—the team of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, football player Travis Kelce. With leather pants and Nike shoes, the cake features Taylor holding an NFL Super Bowl trophy triumphantly above her head.

As per the Guardian report, Lara Mason said, “I’ve always wanted to make a Taylor Swift cake because, for the last maybe five years, she has been top of everyone’s list. I really like her, I’m not a diehard Swiftie but I do really appreciate her music and the fact she is a role model for women.”
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“I never got round to making a cake but obviously the Super Bowl is coming up and me and my husband really enjoy the NFL so to put the two things together, it was the perfect opportunity to go ahead with it. She’s amazing, but having the NFL connection made it even more special,” the bakers added.

Lara Mason also uploaded pictures of the cake on her X (formerly known as Twitter) handle with the text, “I made a Lifesize cake of Taylor Swift in a Kansas City Chiefs sweater holding up the NFL Super Bowl trophy. What do you think?”

Take a look at her post below:

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After taking a look at the gigantic cake, many people appreciated Lara in the comments section.

A user wrote, “Ahhhmazing!! Wow! Very talented.”

Another one added, “How does this not have a million retweets!”

“I love this. What an amazing cake to make. I hope TS sees it,” read a comment.

A few echoed, “Wow, amazing! Cake art!”

What are your views about this cake? Tell us in the comments.


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