Feeding children can often feel like a challenging task, especially when their preferences lean towards chocolates, chips, and other packaged treats over nutritious options. To tackle this problem, parents often employ creative methods to incorporate vegetables and fruits into their diets. From sneaking veggies into pasta, pizzas, or sandwiches to shaping their meals into stars, moons, or other fun designs, many efforts are made to encourage children to eat healthily. A recent video circulating on Instagram offers an idea on how to entice your kids to eat idli. The clip demonstrates the recipe for making idlis featuring kids’ favourite character, Peppa Pig. After viewing the video, many people are praising this unique creation.
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It all begins with mixing beetroot juice into the idli batter. The individual takes two bowls of idli batter. In the first one, a smaller quantity of juice is used, and in the other, a slightly larger amount of juice is mixed to create lighter and darker hues of pink in both bowls. Now, the batter that is lighter in colour is poured into the idli mold. Then, black cumin seeds are placed to form the eyes of Peppa Pig. After that, the batter with the darker hue is used to form the nose, and black cumin seeds are again used to complete the nose. Once it’s all done, the stand is placed inside the steamer, and finally, Peppa Pig face idlis are ready to be served to the kids. Take a look at the video here.
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With over six million views, the video has garnered many positive reactions. A user wrote, “Good idea! I want to try this for my daughter.” Another one added, “I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.” “Wow, I am going to try this,” read a comment. A few echoed, “Great creativity. I want to try.”

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