In India, rice is a staple for most of us. It is affordable, accessible, and can be made easily. Moreover, you can pair any sabzi, dal, and fry with rice to make for a wholesome meal. But regrettably, rice comes with its fair share of controversies as well. In fact, the discourse around rice is ever-evolving, leaving us utterly confused about whether to include it in our diet (or not). While some consider it to be easily digestible, some avoid rice in their diet due to its starch content. In this article, we will share with you an expert-recommended way to cook rice to make it healthier.

Is Rice Good Or Bad For You? Why Is Rice Blamed For Your Weight Gain?

Rice, specifically white rice, is often considered a culprit for people with obesity, blood sugar problems, and high cholesterol levels. It is because of the accumulated starch in the white rice. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says that white rice is blamed for weight gain as the fibre gets removed from the grain during the process of refining. But that is not the fact. Health experts state that if eaten in the right amount, white rice can also be good for your daily diet if you eat the recommended portion size.

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Best Way To Cook Rice, As Per Ayurveda:

Weightloss expert Amisha Sharma, who goes by the name ‘pocketdiets’ on Instagram, states that Ayurveda acknowledges rice as a versatile and nutritious grain, suitable for diverse health goals. It is gluten-free and packed with essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins, offering the required energy to keep going.

As per Ayurveda, one must dry roast the rice before cooking to alter the starch composition, enhancing flavours and the texture of your dish.

Step-By-Step Method Of Cooking Rice:

Step 1. Dry roast the rice grains.

Step 2. Add salt and ghee to it.

Step 3. Add water and boil.

Step 4. Strain the water.

Step 5. Pair the rice with dal and sabzis for a wholesome meal.

But always remember, “Moderation is the key!” concludes expert Amisha Sharma. Watch the detailed video below:

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