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Bangalore: CEAT Indian Supercross League Gears Up for Grand Finale On Feb 25. (File photo)

Bangalore: CEAT Indian Supercross League Gears Up for Grand Finale On Feb 25. (File photo)

CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League concludes its inaugural season with a thrilling finale in Bangalore, showcasing global talent and motorsport passion.

The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) gears up for its grand finale.

This marks the end of an epic first season that has had motorsports fans on the edge of their seats. The final showdown will take place in Bangalore on February 25th at the Open Grounds, promising non-stop action.

Following intense races in Pune and Ahmedabad, the CEAT ISRL has made its mark on India’s motorsports scene. This season has not only showcased the incredible skills of the riders but has also put India on the map as a global Supercross destination.

According to the Press Release, top teams like Bigrock Motorsports, BB Racing, and Mohite’s Racing Team will be bringing their best to Bangalore for the ultimate face-off. With six franchise teams and 48 riders from all over the world, competition will be fierce across categories like 450cc international riders, 250cc international riders, 250cc India-Asia mix, and the highly competitive 85cc junior class.

Veer Patel, Co-founder & Director of CEAT ISRL, expressed excitement for the grand finale, highlighting the league’s phenomenal journey and India’s emergence as a Supercross force.

Accredited by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), the CEAT ISRL has attracted global attention with its unique format, drawing over 100 riders worldwide. The league not only delivers thrilling racing but also integrates music extravaganzas, creating a cultural phenomenon.

Bangalore, known for its vibrant culture and sporting community, eagerly awaits the grand finale, promising the perfect stage for the league’s inaugural season climax.

As the CEAT ISRL gears up for the final showdown, it remains committed to community engagement, talent development, and environmental sustainability, making it more than just a racing league but a movement to inspire and nurture Supercross passion in India.


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