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Image Source : YOUTUBE/SANSAD TV Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar

Parliament Budget Session: Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar on Saturday (February 10) pulled up Jairam Ramesh in a strict-worded statement for his remarks against RLD chief Jayant Singh, and said that the Congress MP does not deserve to be in the Upper House of the Parliament for his “misconduct”. Dhankhar’s decision to allow Jayant Singh to speak in the House on the Bharat Ratna honour to his grandfather and former prime minister Chaudhary Charan Singh drew sharp protest from the Congress, leading to a heated exchange of words between the opposition and treasury benches.

During the entire sequence, Jairam made certain remarks which could not be heard due to the uproar.

Dhankhar warned the Congress leader for his remarks against Jayant Singh and said in a strongly-worded statement, “I heard what Jairam Ramesh said to Jayant…you (Ramesh) are a person who can feast at the cremation ground”.

“It is a matter of fact, you (Ramesh) do not deserve to be part of this House by this misconduct,” said Dhankhar who was visibly upset.

Chairman allows Kharge to speak

As the Congress MPs protested against the floor being given to Jayant Singh to speak, the Chairman allowed the Leader of the Opposition in the House, Mallikarjun Kharge to speak on behalf of his party.

Kharge said there is no debate on honouring leaders with Bharat Ratna.

“I salute everyone. But if a member wants to raise an issue, you (chairman) ask ‘under which rule’. (I want to know) under which rule he (Jayant Singh) has been allowed to speak,” the Congress leader said.

“Give permission to us also. On one side you talk about rules…you have discretion…that discretion should be used judiciously and not as and when you want,” Kharge said.

The Chairman was not following the rules, Kharge alleged.

He said that had a discussion on Bharat Ratna been included in the House’s agenda, everybody would have participated.

Dhankhar expressed unhappiness at the objections raised by Kharge and even accused Congress leaders of insulting Charan Singh and his legacy.

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